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My man crush is back!

Posted on 28 September 2010   Hot Programming, Industry News, Reviews/ Opinions

As I’m checking for the latest news, I see the press release from Discovery Channel entitled, “Mike Rowe is back with all-new episodes of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs premiering October 19th!

I hooted and hollered and scared my office mates!  NO really, I did.  I think I even made Ada jump…and after I told her why I was so excited, and showed her the title of this post, she rolled her eyes and went back to her desk.

Dirty Jobs is by far my favorite Discovery Channel show, and yes I said man crush, and no I’m not ashamed!  My wife knows of my man crush of Mike Rowe…yes, she’s even stopped teasing and has grown to accept it.

Here’s a quick equation I want to talk to you about…Mike Rowe = Awesome!  Why? Well, I’ll tell you!

If you haven’t ever seen an episode of Dirty Jobs,  two things:  1. where have you been?  It’s on a lot! 2. I feel bad for you.  The premise is simple, Mike travels the country, going out to work with folks and becomes their assistant.  Each week he joins someone out in the field during a typical work day for them, works hard and tries to learn how to do their job- no matter how nasty, cramped, uncomfortable or repulsive the job may be.

I admit, when Dirty Jobs started I didn’t watch…see I had a squeamish stomach, before my wife and I had kids I got grossed out and sick easily.  I thoguh the show was just this guy going around trying to out nasty himself each week.  I’m glad I was wrong.  I was quickly won over by Mike’s self-depreciating humor.

Often Mike under estimates the difficulty of each task and he often expresses heartfelt respect and admiration for each worker’s skill and for their taking on a job most people avoid.

The show always opens with Mike reciting the show’ intro, while doing one of the Dirty Jobs:

“My name’s Mike Rowe, and this is my job. I explore the country looking for people who aren’t afraid to get dirty — hard-working men and women who earn an honest living doing the kinds of jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us. Now, get ready to get dirty.”

The other part of the show I like is that it’s viewer driven.  At the end of each episode, you see Mike on-site at one of his previous “jobs” asking viewers to send in their ideas for new dirty jobs through the Dirty Jobs website.  Mike has often said he had a list of 12 jobs or so that he came up with, to show three at a time when the show started… and in the few days after the first show aired, viewers flooded Discovery Channel with e-mails and videos featuring their own dirty jobs.  As cool as the opening “monologue” is, the end of the show “job request” is as much as a tradition that has kept the show going ever since!

Are you intrigued?  I hope I’ve done the show justice!  Not 100% sold?  Need more? Here’s a bit about the premiere episode…

In the first world premiere episode, Mike heads to Pilot Point, Texas to work at a ranch that harbors and breeds exotic animal species. He starts the day by cleaning the pen of ring-tailed lemurs, donning a helmet and thick leather gloves. Lemurs are very territorial and will attack anything or anyone who invades their space, and Mike quickly discovers the importance of protective gear. He then moves a porcupine into a small cage to determine its gender, potty trains baby kangaroos, and ends his day clipping the claws of a binturong (bearcat) – leaving Mike scarred and stained. For video clip, go here.

Here’s a link to the full press release on The Futon Critic dot com.

I also hope I’ve proven the equation true…Mike Rowe = Awesome!  The show is great, you should watch.  And yes, I’ll share Mike Rowe.  Join me and millions others on October 19th for the new season of Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel.

And if you’re an advertiser, you could put your message out there on Discovery Channel in programming like Dirty Jobs to reach avid Dirty Jobs fans and Mike Rowe aficionados!  Email Viamedia to find out how to advertise during this time spot and let them help you figure out other great ways to reach your customers!

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