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What We’re watching Wednesdays 02.29.12

Here’s a brand new edition of What We’re Watching Wednesdays! After chatting, we thought some folks were getting lost in the shuffle with the way we were sharing what we watched! So we’ve made a change! Each week we will feature one Viamedian and what they love on cable!

We hope you enjoy the new format! With that said, here we go!

What is your name?
Al Strada, National Sales Manager, Atlanta, GA

What are your favorite shows on cable? (Give us three if you can!)
Madmen on AMC
Sports Center on ESPN
Hockey on NBCU

What makes them your favorites?
I lived the life that Madman portrays each week. I’ve been selling media since 1965…it’s all true!

I love sports, ESPN keeps me plugged in! And I love hockey! It’s a close second behind baseball!

Which character do you like and/ or can relate to?
Don- Scary what we both did or do on that show!

Favorite rerun on cable, or cable show you wish they would bring back?
Curb your Enthusiasm

What’s one show you’ll leave on in the background while you do other things?
Chelsea Lately

What movie, when it’s shown on cable, will you leave on and watch, no matter how many times you’ve seen it or no matter where it’s at in the film?
Lawrence of Arabia

What channel could you not live without?

If you could create your own cable network, what would it be?
Combination of Sports and Classical music shows

What show’s new season are you most excited to see?

What show is your guilty pleasure?
Favorite TV moment?
Last episode of MASH

Thank you, Al! That’s it for this week’s edition of What We’re Watching Wednesdays! My fellow Viamedians, if you’d like to be a part of What We’re Watching Wednesdays, click here and give us some answers on our survey!

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