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What We're Watching Wednesdays!

I thought it would be fun to highlight what some of us here at Viamedia watch. I mean, we talk about shows daily, about hot programming and what people in general are watching…why not share what we like? I’m hoping this will become a (semi)regular feature called “What We’re Watching Wednesdays!”

This week, the Marketing Team shares what they’re watching!

Josh Kedzuch, Marketing and Research Analyst

I really don’t watch a lot of shows regularly, but here goes…It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Archer on FX: both are ground breaking, I think these are the funniest shows on TV!

Family Guy on Cartoon Network: on every night on Adult Swim, I watch obviously because it’s hilarious.

SportsCenter on ESPN: it’s the news that matters

Pawn Stars on History: whenever it’s on.  It’s interesting to learn about the Pawn industry and history of the items that are brought in.

Jenny Campbell, Marketing and Promotions Specialist

Loving Covert Affairs on USA – a little cheesy but that’s right down my alley, and who doesn’t love Piper Perabo, from COYOTE UGLY. Greatest movie ever.

And let me see….um EVERY SHOW on HGTV. I’m not picky. Seriously I can sit for hours and watch anything from House Hunters International to the new show Selling New York.

As they say in the twitter world: HGTV #cantlivewithout

Alicia Hill, Marketing and Research Assistant

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew on VH1.  Dr. Drew is my hero.  Plus there are always some crazies on that show that make me feel better about my life.

Project Runway and Top Chef on Bravo.  I’ve been watching both since the very first seasons.  I love Heidi Klum and seeing the ridiculous pieces they have to make, and I love Tom Colicchio and pretending that the elaborate gourmet dishes they create aren’t nearly as good as my signature grilled cheese.

Secret Life of the American Teenager & Make It or Break It on ABC Family.  I have no good reason for watching these shows, except that I have watched them both since the first seasons and am now completely enthralled in the high school drama

Kathleen O’Hara, Marketing and Research Assistant

I can’t get enough of Bravo’s Real Housewives Franchise!  I love watching the women of Beverly Hills interact in their ritzy, but totally normal society to them.  My favorite stars are Adrienne, Lisa and Kyle- get them in a room together and you are bound to laugh.  If you throw Camille into the mix, you can actually laugh AT her.  Terrible i know, but she is in her realm.  Don’t forget about my girl, Nene in ATL!  Love her one-liners!

E! News, Chelsea Lately and any programming relating to the Kardashians, I will watch for hours!  So excited for Kourtney and Kim Take New York on Jan. 23!

Like Jenny, I love getting inspiration from HGTV.  I could go on and on with HGTV shows that I watch religiously, even if it is a repeat!  Sarah’s House, House Hunters, Selling NY, Divine Design, My First Place….

Daniel Malinski, National Sales / Marketing Assistant

I love the shows on USA…Burn Notice, White Collar, Royal Pains and of course, my favorite, Psych! USA continues to deliver awesome programming. Each show is a great mix of humor, quirkiness and either action or drama, or both! Though I do have to disagree with Jenny, I’m not a huge fan of Covert Affairs. I try to like it, but Piper Perabo’s character comes across as the worst spy ever! I am excited to see Fairly Legal!

I’m also a fan of Discovery…Storm Chasers, MythBusters, Deadliest Catch, American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior and my man crush, Dirty Jobs! I could spend hours talking about each of these shows. From the excitement on Storm Chasers, the science and humor on Myth Busters, the drama and sadness this past season on Deadliest Catch to the tension on American Chopper and the humor on Dirty Jobs…I’m riveted.

Walking Dead on AMC: Zombies! End of days! Need I say more?

Worst Cooks in America on Food Network…the second season just debuted and it’s hilarious! Chef Anne and Chef Robert are great, but the stars of the show are the horrible cooks. Bless their hearts, they try…and I laugh.

Another guilty pleasure…Bad Girls Club on Oxygen. Take young ladies, with anger and or alcohol issues, put them in a house together with enough alcohol and options for getting into trouble and record the mayhem.

Becky Jones, Vice President of Marketing and Research

Shows I watch on TV…wow…that’s a tough one! There are so many great shows out there right now, but for me, I’m all about some sort of reality show. I can’t help it, they are fascinating!

Some of my favs are American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior on Discovery Channel. I enjoy any and all Real World/ Road Rules Challenge type shows on MTV (yes folks, I know my age…yet I still LOVE MTV!) LOVING Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It on Vh1…so great to see what happens off the stage and outside of the tour bus. I’m a big fan of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew on Vh1. I think he is such an amazing man!

Some of my newest favs are American Pickers & Pawn Stars (both on History Channel) on Auction Kings on Discovery Channel. All are really great programming and big hits for the Jones Family!

And we can’t forget an all time guilty pleasure…The Jersey Shore on MTV….new season starts Jan 6th at 10p! It’s t-shhiiiiirrrrrttttttt tiiimmmeeeee!

Oh…and I don’t want to forget that my holidays wouldn’t be complete without 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family or the James Bond-a-thon on Syfy!

There’s my rundown…what are you watchin?

So there’s some of what we’re watching! See you next Wednesday for the next installment of “What We’re Watching Wednesdays!”


  1. Oh yeah! I forgot about Project Runway, Real Housewives, and Storm Chasers… gosh there are so many!

    And PS… we could totally nickname this post “W to the 4th Power”

    jdubs12w on 05 January 11, 2:44pm (Reply)
  2. I live for Burn Notice on USA along with USA’s NCIS reprogramming. I am waiting for more “JUSTIFIED” on FX. Beleive it or not, I am a huge Timothy Olyphant fan…

    Rod Downing on 07 January 11, 4:41pm (Reply)
    • Ooh, Justified! I forgot about that one! I too am a fan of Timothy Olyphant!

      cubicledad on 07 January 11, 4:44pm (Reply)

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